People who paid for links in 2011+

Hello webmasters. Did you buy these links? Seems interesting to find them now. Maybe most of these blogs are expired, but if they are not - I want you to know there are better ways to earn SEO ranking and these tricks don't really work anymore.

Here's the basics:

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【SEO measures Musou blog list】
■ One day's first blog
■ Safety fight blog
■ Beauty thin blog
■ Bunmeito two-way blog
■ civilization opening blog
■ daring and unscrupulous blog
■ independent self-respect blog
■ dissatisfaction blog

Austin SEO Experts - 2011 throwback to massive cheating days

Austin SEO Experts were using these strategies back in the day and is exactly why they can't keep up anymore. Here's a throwback to massive cheating days - when people openly sold links - like the black market. Not so hidden is it - especially if we can find this on the wayback machine.

------------_____------- Sounds like poetry actually.

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by Miu Search results are my garden. How I feel with my garden is my selfishness. Is not it different? 
by ryou Information on our linked service ※ The service content was revised from May 10…